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tonese dialect.The ancestors of the Jings ▓emigrated from Viet Nam to China in the earl▓y 16th century and first settled on the three uninhabited▓ lands since the neighb

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orhood had been populated by people of Han and Zhuang ethnic group. Shoulder to sho▓ulder with the Hans and Zhuangs there, they de▓veloped the border areas together and sea

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led close relations in their joint endeavors over the centuries.The Jings, who were all illiterate b▓efore 1949, are now going to school, and many you▓ng people have moved onto college educat▓ion. Each v

illage now has a clinic, and paramedics have been assigned to each fishing vessel▓.Jing people like antiphonal songs which are melodious and lyrical. Their traditional instrum▓ents include the two-stringed fiddle, flut▓e, drum, gong and the single-stringed▓ fiddle, a unique music

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al instrument of the ethnic grou▓p. Folk stories and legends abound. Their ▓favorite dances feature lanterns, fancy colored stick▓s, embroidery and dragons.Jing cost▓ume is simple and

  • ng books and religious scriptures. Most Jings read and write
  • in the Han script because they have live▓d with Hans for a long time. Th
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